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Why have funds been taken from my account when I haven’t received my order?

When you place an order on the Coast website, we carry out fraud prevention checks to ensure that all of your details are correct and get authorisation from the bank before the funds are taken. The actual amount is not removed from your account until the transaction is completed and the order is shipped.

However, if there is an issue with your order, a pending charge will appear on your bank account because the transaction was not successfully completed. This will mean that the funds are being held by your bank temporarily and cannot be accessed by either yourself or Coast. This could look as though you have been charged multiple times (if you have attempted to place the order more than once), or you have been charged for a transaction that hasn’t gone through.

When this occurs, the amount can be held as pending in your account until it is automatically released by your bank (the timing is determined by your bank and not by Coast, but typically it can be up to 5 working days). If you would like the funds to be released, you will need to speak directly with your card issuing bank.

Common reasons this issue may occur are as follows so its worthwhile checking before you make a purchase:

- The billing address has been entered incorrectly – please make sure that this matches your bank account information before you proceed to pay.

- The country you are ordering from is not the same as your billing and delivery address.

- The wrong country flag has been selected at the top of your screen

If you have a problem going through the payment stage of the checkout, please check with your bank before attempting to repurchase – if there is an issue this could result in multiple amounts being held in your account.

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